Best WordPress Plugins To Boost The Site’s Performance & Speed

What are plugins, and which plugin is best for WordPress? 

This is a common thought for any non-professional person. best WordPress plugins (2022) are the software elements or add-ons providing new functionalities to the website. Basically, plugins empower the website with good speed, security and traffic. WordPress being home to over 55000 active plugins, has made it simple to install them. That means we can access Most Used Plugins In WordPress for every feature we wish to. Plugins hold the capability to turn up your normal website into a flexible one. And users don’t need to embed any codes while working with plugins. They are as simple as installing any application to the mobile. 


But, the overdose of plugins can slow down the website’s speed. This has to be kept in mind to choose wisely. 

What Factors Should Be Considered While Choosing The Best WordPress Plugins? 

  1. Plugins grace the website’s functionality and performance. But over thousands of counts, choosing the right ones is critical. So, we have made it easy for you: 
  2. Check out the need for a plugin. Whether you wish to go for a page builder or E-commerce plugin and others. 
  3. Once you have decided on this, jump to the updates and versions. Check out when is the particular plugin last updated. Or which version is currently installed? 
  4. Next is to check the popularity of the plugin. More active installations of a plugin raise its popularity to install it. 
  5. Any application you use must have good responding support. While on the plugin page, click on the support button to check whether it gives proper support. 

Check Out The WordPress Plugins List

Best WordPress plugins free are here to make your website highly functional. Let’s check few best plugins till date

VW Accordion Plugin 

VW Accordion Plugin 

VW Accordion plugin is a handy plugin adjusting large content in less space. The highly responsive best WordPress plugins features drag-and-drop functionality. Without any codes, you can easily add numerous accordions to the website. Customize every single accordion using custom styles and formatting. It provides a personalized accordion icon to make your work easier. This perfect plugin includes six accordion styles along with backgrounds and colors.

This is a fast-loading and professional plugin in all terms. All time you get to implement new and updated features to use. There are pre-built short codes for every accordion you add coming under page, posts and sidebars. A line of short codes is embedded, providing a secure system and avoiding conflicts. Apart from this, the plugin is completely responsive, adjusting to every screen size. Also, there is enable/ disable option for every accordion you add along with its elements. 

  • Six unique styling features were added. 
  • Endless accordion in every theme. 
  • Responsive and lightweight design
  • Custom formatting menus are available. 

Ibtana WordPress Website Builder Plugin 

WordPress Website Builder Plugin 

Website building is quite simple with WordPress, right? But when you get a website builder, it becomes more effortless. Similarly, we introduce an Ibtana WordPress Website Builder Plugin, page builder for website building. There are endless page builders in the WordPress directory. But, Ibtana is one of the most simplified and provides quick ways for website building. It comes with easy installation and user-friendly features.

And extensively free WordPress plugins uses the drag and drops feature for element placement. It is firmly crafted to meet the user’s requirements and tastes. The exclusive templates and blocks help you to design the website as needed. It follows the most secured coding standards letting you free from embedding codes. For beginners especially, it seems critical to design a website. In this case, Ibtana provides basic building blocks giving proper directions for this. You can create endless web pages using drag-and-drop features. 

  • Fully Responsive design 
  • Advanced Social Media Integration 
  • Advanced gallery with custom menus 
  • No codes required 

VW Notes & File Downloader Plugin 

VW Notes & File Downloader Plugin 

The best and most secure way to download and store files is through best WordPress plugins. The VW Notes and File Downloader plugin extensively contributes to it. It permits building off as many files as sharing to google Drive and drop box. Or users can easily upload multiple files regardless of size. The files can be for payment details and any others with user permissions.

As many files are uploaded, you can maintain their order as well. The order can be varied according to the size, date and ascending order as well. The plugin offers particular IDs for each of the files so users can easily recognize them. You can create separate pages for different files according to the names modified. Not to worry about your confidential files. As this plugin provides proper security, including passwords to each file. 

  • Easily customizable file description. 
  • Multiple files can be downloaded in less time 
  • Zip or FTP available for file sharing 
  • Easily edited visual file templates to work. 

FAQ Builder AYS Plugin 

FAQ Builder AYS Plugin 

While going through a website, users face frequently asked questions in an accordion. This feature comes under the FAQ builder AYS plugin. Simply, it helps to boost the website’s traffic using easy FAQ builders. The plugin comes with a responsive best WordPress plugins for design and no codes. Plus, you get the latest and most custom styles for accordions to be placed easily. It helps to depict professional behavior towards the audience, thus creating an image.

The easy-to-install and free demo content are a way of properly explaining to use them. The user-friendly interface helps to save your time and money in designing. Regardless, you get to focus on the main topics of the website. Custom formatting options like colors and theme selection help to create stunning accordions. The plugin helps to boost the SEO ability as these are quite favorite for SEO engines. It strongly highlights the brand as new users might have questions about it. 

  • Responsive design 
  • Endless questions and answers are to be displayed. 
  • Amazing themes collection with customization 
  • One of the best WordPress plugins to improve customer support 

Performance Lab Plugin 

Performance Lab Plugin 

A website’s performance matters the most when you are in a competitive market. For this, WordPress has a special plugin called the Performance Lab Plugin. The plugin offers modules to enhance functionality and performance. It performs different tests to check websites’ performance. The particular modules are tested under WordPress core with suitable feedback. It includes various performance modules such as: 

Dominant colors, web uploads, cache health check, Autoloaded options health check and others. After useful feedback, it helps to improve the speed of the website’s performance. The modules used can be easily removed after dropping into WordPress core. And other necessary modules can be added after this. 

  • Excellent Web Support 
  • Enhances the Website’s performance
  • Improves Speed of the website 

Contact Form 7 Plugin 

Contact Form 7 Plugin 

Integrating contact forms into the website is a good way to generate leads. That’s why WordPress has created this Contact Form 7 Plugin. The plugin helps to be in touch with the clients through their contact details. This is easy to install and one of the Best WordPress Plugins. It is easily customized with no codes required. You can customize your website forms and add features to them. It supports various human testing features like CAPTCHA and Akismet spam filters. 

  • Easy to use and install 
  • Saves time and is free of cost 
  • Lead generation factors 
  • Built-in performance monitoring system


The above content has derived some Best WordPress Plugins with features. Plugins are the most vital software apps that instigate functionality. WordPress has a whole directory of useful plugins ready to install for every feature. These are absolutely handy with auto updates.

You can use as many plugins as you can. But this is a myth that more plugins can slow down the speed. So, choosing wisely is the best recommendation. Besides this, they help to maximize the speed, traffic and performance of the website. Also, they help to build stronger SEO ranks for the website. So, installing plugins can make a good impression. 

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