How To Install WordPress Theme From Zip?

How to install WordPress theme from zip? You need to check out the steps to do so.  If you own a website, then you must use a good theme as it decides the website’s appearance. The theme design plays a vital role in the website’s appearance and client catching. It provides dynamic styles and templates giving your website a charming presence. Also, you can find the perfect theme that suits your website from thousands of options. You just have to simply google it or find it on the “” page. There, you will find a wide range of experts who tested the theme with their full specifications. 

Let’s Check How To Install WordPress Theme From Zip? 

How To Install WordPress Theme

Well, How to install WordPress theme from zip? there are many ways to install a theme for your website. It depends on which type of theme you wish to install.  If you want to install a free theme, then you can easily install it from the admin dashboard.  Or if you have second thoughts to get it from a third-party platform. Then you have to install it using a zip file. 

If you wish to buy a premium theme, then you have to extract it using FTP. All the ways are manually detected and can be easily used by beginners also. In this blog, we will provide a detailed discussion about How to install a WordPress Theme from zipping? 

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Let Us Discuss More On How To Pick A Perfect Theme

How To Pick A Perfect Theme

As you step forward to how to install WordPress theme from zip, you first need to pick the most appropriate theme. There are numerous themes available for all types of business or blog websites. Search the theme on the WordPress website or the “.org” page, you will find relevant themes there.  Once you have picked up the theme to install, look up some key points before downloading it: On the right panel, it includes the specifications of the themes. Check customer ratings and the number of active installations on it. If the theme holds maximum installations, then it is a good point. 

Moreover, check user feedback for the theme as clients’ review matters the most for upcoming installations.  The theme must have been updated with the latest versions. It should be updated within the last six months which indicates a good sign.  The theme must hold proper specifications and features fitting your website’s objective.

Moving Forward, Let Us Discuss How To Install WordPress Theme From Zip? 

Once you are done with the theme selection, you need to jump forward to the installation part. The whole process is parted in three ways. But first, you have to install a zip file on your PC. It is necessary as it will be the one to be uploaded for the theme installation. 

The selected theme has an option of download at the right corner of the theme displayed. You just have to download the theme and the zip file will be installed on your PC. 

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Installation Of WordPress Theme From Zip Is Followed In Three Steps

  • Tap on the “Appearance” button on the dashboard. 
  • The WordPress dashboard has numerous menu options on the sidebar. 
  • You have to tap on the “Appearance” button and it will display various options in the sub-bar. 
  • You have to select the “Themes” option from the sub-bar. 
WordPress Dashboard
  • Click on the “Upload Theme” button. 
  • Once you have selected the “Themes” option, you will be directed to another page. 
  • The other page will be the theme page where you will find already installed themes. Also, it will include certain theme options. 
  • Moving forward, tap the right corner “Add New” option. 

After this, a new window will be opened and there you have to choose the “Upload Theme”

WordPress Dashboard
  • Upload the zip file from your PC. 
  • You have reached the last part to install the file. 
  • After clicking on the “Upload Theme”, a drop-down will be disclosed. 
  • Click on the “Upload File” option to choose the zip file you have already downloaded. 
  • Then, tick on the “Install Now” button and the theme is ready to flaunt. 

Once the theme is installed, you will receive a message that the theme is installed. 

At the bottom, click on the “Activate” button to activate the theme. And, you are ready with the theme to use. 


How to install WordPress Theme from zip? The question arises for beginners as well as developers. First of all, it is a simple UI tool that can be easily accessed. The simple usable tools are user-friendly with zero complications. The landing pages are designed with precision to avoid difficulties. The theme installation process is depicted in three different ways. You have to first select the type of theme you wish to install. Whether it may be free or premium. For the zip file, you have to download it from the third-party website. Then upload it to the WordPress themes section and the theme will be installed with ease. Thus, the theme installation process is easy and simple to use. 

WordPress Theme Bundle

WordPress theme bundle

Various theme-making organizations offer WordPress Theme Bundle as an exceptional offer. The purpose of this is to benefit the user financially. There is indeed a great deal of choice, but it is important to understand what you are purchasing. Suppose you purchase WordPress bundle products from a reliable organization in the market. In that case, each theme ensures that you can plan the website’s user interface without having to write a single line of code.
You have the front-end styling components with all the themes included in the theme bundle. It includes the format of the page, the design, the color, the font styling, and the location of the widgets.


How do I import a downloaded theme into WordPress?

Go to Appearance > Themes in the WordPress Administration area and click Add New. A new option has been added to the Add New theme screen, Upload Theme. Upon opening the theme upload form, click Choose File, locate the theme zip file on your computer, and click the Install Now button

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