Top-Rated 6 Best Free Security Plugin For WordPress

Every company wants its website secured. Best free security plugin for WordPress has made it possible with security plugins. When you establish a website, it holds good and bad aspects also. And one of them is security against malware threats. Most of the time, it becomes impossible to solve the threats. But embedding the right plugins might get lighter to resolve them. 

Best Free Security Plugin For WordPress

Then comes a thought about what type of threats a website might have. Answering this, we have listed some of the possibilities that can harm the website.

  • Choosing the wrong plugins might lag the website’s functionality. 
  • Hackers can quickly locate client details and data. 
  • Confidential data of the company might get leaked. 
  • Hack fixing is a difficult and money-wasting process. 
  • The website can face malware issues getting lower in SERP ranks. 

Listing 6 Free Plugins To Make Your Website Secure

Though every website has some security issues, there are ways to overcome them. All you have to do is install the right plugins on your website. Here are some popular best free WordPress security plugin 2022 that help to resolve vulnerabilities.

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WordFence Plugin 

WordFence Plugin 

Best free security plugin for WordPress grab this latest wordfence security plugin at zero cost price with updated security measures. While designing a website, the user deals with so many aspects. And security comes under the most important asset to include.

This is required to secure the website from unpredictable threats and issues. Word Fence plugin is the most adaptive and tested plugin dealing with the issues. It provides complete protection to the website from malware and firewall aspects. It protects the website from malicious traffic resulting in a smooth website. With 4 million+ active installations, it gives better performance. 

Sucuri Security Plugin

Sucuri Security Plugin

Is your website getting spammed by third-party factors? This is a serious issue, and this needs to be resolved. The only way to come out of this is by getting the Sucuri Security plugin. This is a most probably used best free security plugin for WordPress spamming and blocklisting issues. The plugin has higher installation rates; the good news is that it is free.

So, you can install it anytime with no codes required. It keeps an eye on the website detecting certain changes and firewall spamming. Also, it gives a pop-up notification if any issue is disturbing the website. 

Malcare Plugin 

Malcare Plugin 

Looking for the most powerful plugin to protect your website? Well, this seems tough to select the best security plugin for WordPress 2022 for free. But in WordPress, we have a Malcare best free security plugin for WordPress with the latest security aspects. The plugin comes with easy installation, and no codes are required.

Its interesting aspect is that it provides an overall website checkup in a few minutes. And throws out all the malware happening with an auto-cleaning function. There is no chance for suspicious IPs or negative factors to enter while the Malcare plugin is on duty. So, you must have this plugin for a secured website. 

iThemes Security Plugin 

iThemes Security Plugin 

Want a professional and secured system for your website? As it is getting attacked by hackers and bots. This leads to installing a fully secured plugin that helps to bridge this. iThemes is best free security plugin for WordPress is a popular plugin that deals with the above factors. It holds easy installations with a user-friendly interface beneficial for beginners also.

The theme aims to detect password and login threats by providing two-factor authentication. It keeps checking the website and configuring the latest issues with quick security checks. You can easily place the plugin on the dashboard for better notifications. 

Shield Security Plugin 

Shield Security Plugin 

Want a faster cleaning and scanning system for your website? Best free security plugin for WordPress makes it possible for the website. You need to install this free plugin on your website. And, immediately, it starts working with a single click. It gives shield protection to the website with auto-scanning and cleaning factors.

The theme keeps your website protected from unusual disorders like firewalls and malware. It keeps its work going with a checkup on plugins and websites. Beginners will surely adapt this plugin as it requires no codes to install. 

Jetpack Plugin 

Jetpack Plugin 

Is your website getting slower due to heavy storage assumptions? Thinking of restoring the website but don’t have a backup? All these questions have a single answer. Install the advanced Jetpack plugin to get rid of this. It quickly gets your website free from unused data and slower page loading. It gives a smooth and safer running website in no time.

And, you don’t have to worry about the data as a single click can restore the data. It comes with a single-click installation providing custom delivery and network practices. The plugin also helps in marketing analysis and SEO practices. 


As explained, Best free security plugin for WordPress are vital elements for a website design. But regarding security, we have a wide range of plugins to be listed. We have listed some free and classified plugins for secured web hosting. The user has to install the suitable plugin, which is ready to roll. When you run an online business or blog, you need to interact with other competitors and clients also. This may lead to specific threats to issues for the website. So, WordPress plays it well when it comes to security. And with a secured and right plugin installed, you will meet a safer website. 

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Do you need WordPress security plugin?

In order to make your WordPress site more secure, you do need a security plugin. There are many features of the plugins that can be implemented. Having an all-inclusive security solution can also be very convenient.

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