How To Upload Template To WordPress For Building A Website

How to upload template to WordPress? To run a website, you need to make it attractive and innovative. It may be any portfolio, blog or magazine. If you wish to make it innovative, use website templates to do so. Website templates are pre-built layouts combined to form creative content for a website. Templates include images, videos, logos and many more to make your website presentable. 

How to upload template to WordPress

What requires to install templates for your website? Is this a UI element? Or does it requires codes to install? The answer to all questions is simply that it is a user-friendly tool. it requires zero codes to install and gets installed in a few minutes. You just need to follow some steps. The templates not just provide pre-built layouts, they provide more custom ways to make your website stand. It embraces your website with the image blocks, color pallets and décor options. 

Explore More Premium Features Of Using Templates

Most of the time, the question arises why are templates useful and how to upload template to WordPress? 

The answer is, that yes templates are useful to derive the purpose of website design. It lets you add web pages making your website convenient. There are numerous WordPress templates available for every type of website. If you own a trading business or a blog, it certifies with the latest and advanced templates. Also, it makes your website responsive with various customization effects. The templates are mobile-friendly with adjustable layouts. You can easily customize the data and images available on the templates. For customization effects, you just need to drag and drop the elements you wish to replace. 

Choosing The Right Website Template Is The Best You Can Have 

While dealing with website design prototypes, make sure you choose the right templates. First, you need to figure out for what purpose you are building a website. Whether you are a web designer, doctor or fashion designer. Decide the objective of the website because this will portray real emotions. Choosing a unique template will maintain the website’s quality creating potential clients. 

One more strategy to apply is to look after your competitors’ websites and the templates used. This will clear your imagination to better heights. The other element is to know that the template you are choosing must give excess variables to use. 

Also, check customer ratings for the template you are choosing to install. It must have proficient client ratings and maximum installations. 

Now Let Us Know How To Upload Template To WordPress

Upload theme to WordPress free theme is not a crucial task, you just have to follow some steps. We will discuss uploading a template kit to WordPress. Now why a template kit? As a single template will hold limited features, but a full kit will give you various options to install. Let us look up the steps to follow. 

In This Article, We Will Install Templates Using “Envato Elements”

The first step is to install the “Envato elements” plugin from the add new plugin section. 

  1. It is important to download the plugin but make sure not to unzip the plugin. 
  2. It will create an elements section on the dashboard. 
  3. Go to the elements section and select the template kit tab. If your wish to purchase the premium kit, then this is the option to click. 
  4. If you are wishing to go for a free kit, then it includes a free kit section also. 
  5. This will lead you to various available free templates to import. Note that, on the top, it will present a menu of requirements to install certain premium templates. 
  6. Select the best template and then go to page options on the dashboard. 
  7. On the pages tab, add new pages and edit them with the elementor plugin. 
  8. If the elementor plugin is not installed, then you can install it by adding a new plugin menu. 
  9. Lastly after this, you can add required web pages using templates and easily customize them. 

Additionally, it lets you customize every page with various elements including header and footer, text, image blocks and others.  This process can be convenient for free and premium templates also. 


Winding up the above how to upload template to WordPress content. It derives that the template matters the most while designing a website. It comes with various custom elements and designing variables to import. Also it comes with easy installations and less time to upload it. The templates all together form a complete Minimalist WordPress Theme which further decides the website design. Templates decide the overall appearance of the website you are looking for. It gives the most adaptive design suitable for all screen sizes. Various custom elements will give your website a personalized look. You can derive your custom elements without any coding knowledge. All you have to do is to follow some steps and it’s done. 


How do I add a theme to WordPress?

Access the WordPress Administration Screens by logging in. Click on the Appearance tab, followed by Themes. Click on Add New. Use the Search or Filter options to locate the Theme you are searching for.

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