How To Import Demo Content Of Theme In WordPress

How to import demo content of theme in WordPress? Demo content gives a basic idea to dig inside a theme exploring its contents. It represents a table of contents of how to develop a website in many ways. The demo content includes theme-related posts, images, widgets and many more.

However, a theme installed without demo content is useless as it will display just a “Hello World”. You will not be able to access the demo content without importing it. Importing demo content makes it easier to extract most of the theme data like layouts, images and links. 

How To Import Demo Content Of Theme In WordPress

Demo content is not attached to the theme. You have to import demo content WordPress plugin for it. Without installing a plugin, the user will be unable to import the demo content.

Why Import Demo Content For Your Theme? 

How to import demo content of theme in WordPress for that make your theme look presentable with stunning looks. All the content your search for a theme is included in the demo data. It leads the user to testing periods for the website. It decides how will the website appear in front of clients.

Moreover, with the demo content, acknowledge the most powerful assets for a website design. As it provides customization options for a unique website design. 

What Are The Ways To Import Demo Content?

Well, there are three basic ways to import the demo content and they are as follows:

1. Install One click demo import

This is the most appropriate way for how to import demo content of theme in WordPress. The important way to install demo content is you just have to search the click demo import plugin on the plugins section. Then tap to install the plugin. The plugin will be installed and activated. 

2. Importing Demo Content manually through XML files

This is also the second way to import demo content through XML files. It lets you upload the pre-installed demo importer from the PC. The pre-installed files are in the form of XML files. Also choose the upload file button and import Demo Content on the website. 

3. Extracting Demo Content through themes

This is another useful way to import data from Premium WordPress Themes. For this, you first have to install a theme, then you can manually import demo data. 

additionally, in this blog, we will have a detailed description of how to import Demo Content from a Theme. Importing demo content through themes seems an easy task, so let’s have a look. 

The Process Is Partially Divided Into 3 Methods 

Method 1: Single Click Demo Importer

  • The first step is to select a suitable theme from any third-party website. 
  • Search the theme on the WordPress site and click to install. 
  • Once it is installed, activate the theme by tapping on the button. 
  • The theme is installed and activated. 
  • Moreover, after installing the theme, it will display a welcome notice of “Get Started” with the plugin. 
  • Although, you have to click on the tab and this will redirect you to the other page. It will contain useful plugins to import the demo content. 
  • Choose the perfect plugin required for the demo and click to import and preview button. 
  • After this, a dialogue box with confirmation will appear and you also have to confirm it. 

That’s it, you have your demo content ready. 

Method 2: Missed Welcome Notice

The second method to import the demo data is used when the user has missed the welcome notice. It is as follows: 

  • You have installed the suitable theme and missed the welcome notice for demo content. 
  • Then, you have to search the downloaded theme options in your dashboard section. On the dashboard, click the appearance option to explore the downloaded theme options. 
  • There, you will find the demo importer plugin option. 
  • Click on the tab and then you will be redirected to the various demo importers. Just import and there you go. 

Method 3: Import Demo Data Manually

The third way is to import the demo content manually. 

  • For this, the theme installation is also require. 
  • After the theme installation, you can also go to the plugins menu on the dashboard and click add new. 
  • This will help reach you to search the suitable plugins. Search the suitable Best Free Security Plugin For WordPress and install them. 
  • After this, on the appearance menu, click on the demo importer. You will find various demo importers there. Click to get the demo data and it’s done. 


The above content truly describes that how to import demo content of theme in WordPress. The demo content gives a rough idea of how to build your website. It contains links, widgets, image properties, posts and others. But, without demo content, you will be unable to access the basic elements for website design. For this, you need to install the demo content following some steps. It can be installed manually or from a single click installation. 


How do I make my WordPress theme look like the preview?

Select Customize from the Appearance panel on the Dashboard. If you wish to display your homepage as your home page, ensure that it is static. When you are finished, click “Publish” to view the demo. Take a look and enjoy the final product.

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